Premium Pre-Rolled Joints

Eggs Canna prides itself not only on our average every day pre-rolled joint, but also on our premium and specialty joints – and we’ve always got some in store. Both rolling and smoking are art forms in their own way, why not combine the two and create smokable art? Our talented joint rollers are constantly coming up with something new and exciting, and we strive to always change it up and present you with a new variety. These beauties are always rolled with premium flower, and depending which variety you choose, kief and oil. With prices starting at $15 and an ever-changing selection, you’ll find yourself back time and time again just for one of our premium joints.

For the month of February

  • Hastings

    Rose Joints; rolled with Premium Hybrids.

  • Commercial

    Jumbo Joints; 15 grams of cannabis

  • Main

    Valentine’s Special; Premium Hybrid blunt & 1 gram of Premium Kief attached to the stem of an artificial rose.
  • Nanaimo

    Heart Shaped Joints; rolled with various Premium Hybrid strains.


Custom joints

Want a custom joint rolled? Specific strain? Shape? Design? Inquire at your nearest Eggs Canna location!

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