Becoming A Member

We enthusiastically welcome all new members, there are four ways to join our family:

A Cannabis Prescription

This is not a note, but a formal prescription and does need to contain a reference to Cannabis on it. It must be signed by a Medical Doctor with their name on a Prescription Pad to be deemed admissible.

Federal Exemption License

You hold a Federal Exemption License to:

  • Produce and Consume, or
  • Consume Cannabis that has been grown for you by a Designated Grower.

A Physicians Note

Indicates that you have been diagnosed with an ailment and/or symptom. This note is an acknowledgment of your Diagnosis only, and does not need to contain any reference to Cannabis on it. It must be signed by a Medical Doctor with their name on a Prescription Pad to be deemed admissible. We will then cross reference that this ailment and/or symptom is on Health Canada’s website as being one that Cannabis may be used as treatment/management for.

Membership With Another Local Dispensary

You currently hold a membership with another local Dispensary who we recognize as having a similar sign up process to us.

In Addition To The Above Requirements You Must Also Provide Valid Identification. Also We Do Not Allow Persons Under The Age Of 19 To Enter Any Of Our Premises Regardless If They Are Accompanied By Adult

Check Eligibility

If you are uncertain whether your paperwork meets the above mentioned criteria, you may schedule a time to come in and chat with one of our managers! If you are on a time crunch you may also send your paperwork via email to with “MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS” in the subject line, expect an email back within 24 hours.

Register In­-Store

We enthusiastically welcome all new members who want to join our growing family! Please come in to any of our three locations with all supporting documents, valid identification and one of our helpful staff members will gladly assist you. Also remember when  you sign up you get a FREE GRAM with any purchase. We are always giving away products and have amazing deals daily! Always be sure to enquire, we might have EGGS­ACTLY what you need!

Making Your First Purchase

Once you are a member you will receive a Picture ID with all of your member information on it, please bring it with you every time you are ready to make a purchase.

Now you are ready to purchase from our Vending Machine, that’s right Vending Machine! Our flower is pre­packaged in smell­proof and moisture­proof bags to ensure you cannabis always stays fresh. All of our bags are labeled with Strain Information, Medical Use, and Efficacy. We take great pride in not only our products but what we put our products in! All of our concentrates are stored in display fridges to ensure freshness and maintain quality.

You must be 19 years old to visit this site.

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